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One of the best movies of all time The Game of Their Lives is an American Drama film that was released in April 2005. The story of the film is based on a real-life event that took place in the lives of 1950 US Soccer Team. It was one of the first films in the world to capture a real life event and then present it in a form of a movie.

The plot of the film is about the US Soccer Team of 1950 which won an incredible match against England, in the 1950 FIFA World Cup. This match is amongst one of the most memorable sports events of all time. The US team was recognized as an underdog throughout the series and the moment they beat England by a score of 1-0 a history was created.

The movie depicts the same story but with highlighting each individual player and their families. It showcases their journey of becoming a soccer player that is amongst the best in the world. The Games of Their Lives has shined lights on each character’s family tradition and passion towards the game.

It displays their transformation throughout the series from being an underdog team to the world champions. The movie was also successful in capturing the emotions of thousands of soccer fans across the country. The feeling of winning a world championship with lack of resources and support was something that touched millions of hearts.

“The Game of Their Lives is a true American masterpiece. Albeit, it has its flaws as any movies does – but this one is particularly interesting. A solid fluent transition from story-to-story, and the characters really play it well.” – Thomas Jones, Movie Enthusiast @ One Sure Insurance – Cheapest Car Insurance.

The narration and the direction of the film are amongst the best pieces of work in the movie industry. Capturing and representing the lives of all the players without compromising any character for another is a work of an expert, which in this case is David Anspaugh.

The idea of the plot and screenplay was inspired by a book with the same title written by the Geoffrey Douglas. The book also was successful in capturing each individual player’s life and emotions. It also showcased the responsibilities that these players felt towards their team and country.

The emotions displayed through the movie came off so strong that it was believed to have made the viewers relive the actual event. It was also one of the biggest box office collections of the year 2005. The movie in its opening weekend collected around $175,336.

Apart from being the best movie of all times from a story point of view, it was also considered excellent from the technical aspect. The movie collected many international awards from recognized institutions and each actor was praised for their amazing acting skills.

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